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For those of you wondering perhaps Where has he gone? (as I have been absent from the magazines for a few years now), I can reply that I have not gone far. It became apparent that I needed to adopt an all hands on deck approach in order to complete my 'Clifford and the Bookmole' young adult comic fantasy trilogy. With two books down and one to go, this appears to have been a sensible strategy.

Voices, a new collection of my short stories published by Immersion Press, is now available from Amazon and other online retailers.  The limited edition gathers twenty of my favourite stories, including The Certainty Principle, Happy Halloween, The Girl With The Four-Dimensional Head and Julian of Earth, together with four new unpublished tales.  The excellent cover is by Richard Wagner. For a review of Voices go to SF Crowsnest.

My fifth - and longest - story for Asimov's Science Fiction, Julian of Earth,  was in the April/May 2013 issue. A great reading of the story is available at Starship Sofa episode 416.

A new story, Substitutes, was published by Daily Science Fiction on 1st February 2013.

My first story for Abyss & Apex, Land of Fire and Ashes, appears in the January 2012 First Quarter Edition #41.

The Fighter
, my latest story for Asimov's Science Fiction, appeared in the June 2011 issue.  It's another short short in the style of The Defenders and Babel 3000.

Jupiter Magazine issue 30 includes Stippleback, one of my rare alien stories.

A stylish audio production of my story Happy Halloween ran in October 2010 on Beam Me Up #233 and again in October 2011, 2012 & 2013.

My third five part 'Pestworld' story Red Robot can be heard on Beam Me Up

Two Martian stories for September:

* Henry Jumps a Shark - Reality TV reaches Mars at Bewildering Stories
* The Booby-Trapped Boy - A new story in the same 'universe' as The Certainty Principle, Good and Faithful Servant, and Dolls
in M Brane SF #20.

The Immersion Book of SF, which is now available, includes my story Dolls together with stories by Al Robertson, Tanith Lee, Chris Butler, Jason Erik Lundberg, Anne Stringer, Aliette de Bodard, Gord Sellar, Eric James Stone, Gareth Owens and Lavie Tidhar.

It's been a while, so here are a few updates:

* An Honorable Race is now available in the new anthology from CWP, Time in a Bottle.
* An audio version can also be heard on the podcast site Beam Me Up.
* My tongue in cheek story Paper Lies has been published in the comedy western anthology A Fistful of Hollers from Cyberaliens Press.  Readers will discover the truth about the Wild West...and fans of the rock group Marillion will discover even more.

More news from TV world: my son, Chris Davies, appeared on Celebrity Big Brother on 12th January 2010 to take on five of the housemates in a game of Countdown.  Housemates included Vinnie Jones, Irvana Trump, Stephen Baldwin and Stephanie Beacham.  Chris won in fine style in a game played just for fun.

My new five part audio serial The Monster on Mandrake Street is now available on my Pestworld page. The text version can be read at Bewildering Stories.

News from TV world: my son, Chris Davies,
has won the current series of the mega-popular UK Channel 4 TV show, Countdown.  This may not be available worldwide, but the final and highlights can be seen on Youtube. Chris also composed and played the theme music for my 5 part podcast story Pestworld.

Latest sale: Short story, An Honorable Race, to the anthology Time in a Bottle
to be published by CWP.

Throughout August, my story Pestworld, from Bewildering Stories, is being serialised on the audio podcast site Beam Me Up.  This has been adapted into five episodes and includes additional material.  It will be followed closely by a new five part sequel, The Monster on Mandrake Street, which receives its premiere on Beam Me Up and will be published subsequently on Bewildering Stories.

The Certainty Principle has been bought for translation by the Russian sf magazine ESLI (IF in English).

Podcast sites are establishing themselves as an increasingly important source of online speculative fiction that offer the reader an immersive experience and the writer a shared interpretation of a story.  In the last month I've sold two stories, The Man Who Sank and The Hay Devils, to  Pseudopod.

Many of my stories that are currently available for free online are gathered at
Free SF Online  This is a great site which collects together links to thousands of freely available stories by well-known writers.

Recently I visited Cath Bore at Wirral's 7 Waves Community Radio to record three poems and The Thing From The Thing From Another World.  Thanks to Riverside Writers for the arrangement.

Terrified of rejection?  I've posted a short piece over at Storycrafters which may help.

I'm in orbit...  I recently discovered that the October/November 2004 issue of Asimov's Science Fiction, which includes my story The Defenders, is in the library on board the International Space Station.

Who is this guy?  Probing questions in an interview at Joyce Anthony's Blog, Books and Authors

The Certainty Principle, a 6000 word sf story that takes place on Mars and in Wales, appeared in the February 2009 Asimov's causing a little bit of a stir as the 'hero' has not exactly acted heroically, or perhaps ethically.

The Defenders  Asimov's Science Fiction (Oct/Nov 2004) is included in The Year's Best Science Fiction #22 - Ed Gardner Dozois - from St Martin's Press (The Mammoth Book of Best New SF #18 from Robinson in the UK)


My new Pestworld page is
Here and contains the obligatory map, expanded extracts from the Pestmeister 'bible' Pests and Pestilence, and links to the podcast episodes, scripts, original story and theme music.  Jump may never be the same again



Originally published by
Bewildering Press.


Tall Tales on the Iron Horse
"Clever surrealism and a superb punch line"

Nick Gevers - Locus
"It's one of those stories you can't quite make sense of until the end, and even then you have to think about it. Well worth the ride."
David Soyka - SF Site

"Multiple layers give 'Dolls' a weight that will beg you to re-read
S R Turner - Tangent

The Defenders
"For such a brief story, Davies encompasses a wide range.  'The Defenders' brought to mind a comment by John Clute (in reference to both James Tiptree Jr and the underrated Kris Neville) 'A capacity to develop the sometimes routine initial material of a story so that its implications expanded constantly...'  Tiptree did this with breathtaking ease, and Davies displays a similar ability here" 
Chris Markwyn  Tangent

" 'The Defenders' by Colin P Davies expertly dissects colonialism in quintessential science-fictional terms"
Nick Gevers - Locus
"Short, effective, and providing a solid emotional payoff, this is a great short story"
Jason B Sizemore - Apex Digest

The Girl with the Four-Dimensional Head
" 'The Girl with the Four-Dimensional Head' by Colin P Davies is excellent. This is not another goofy, pulpy tale, but a gritty sci-fi drama with fully drawn characters, outstanding dialog, and an interesting take on the old standby setting of Mars"
Michael Gabriel Bailey - Tangent

Cover art by Crystalwizard


"Its so easy to say that there is literally something for everyone within the covers, but nothing could be more true. Colin won't beat you up with heavy science but neither will he taunt you with ghosts and ghoulies, but he will walk you damn close and absolutely entertain you. Tall Tales on the Iron Horse is a fast entertaining read, well worth the cost. You won't be disappointed"
Paul Cole, Beam Me Up, Radio Station WRFR, Rockland

Or listen at Beam Me Up Podcast

Anyone with the courage to board the iron horse of science fiction and fantasy written by Davies will be left with a bitter taste of deep and dark thoughts. Readers will find much to consider and will find much to keep them reading
Vivian Zabel, Vivian's Site

As Cory Doctorow wrote, “the easiest way to write futuristic science fiction is to predict, with rigor and absolute accuracy, the present day,” and Davies has succeeded admirably in this task. But don’t let that distract you from the ageless elements in these stories, which often confront darker aspects of the human heart in ways illuminating and surprising. These stories share other common elements: they are well-plotted, crisply told, and thoroughly engaging
Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, The Fix

Mostly consisting of previously published science and speculative fiction short stories, Tall Tales is a smart collection that is provocative and complex. Many stories conceptualize the results of widespread genetic engineering, holographic technology, and a culture that needs constant entertainment and stimulation......It brought to mind the movies Blade Runner and 2001, A Space Odyssey and a world where the created servant becomes the disillusioned master.
Jaimie Bell,  Front Street Reviews 

The author’s imagination leads him to craft stories that take you into futuristic tales that are often deeply troubling, complex, spell binding and perplexing...The title seems innocuous; it lends itself to the image of stories with a warm, cozy fireside focus. Don’t be fooled.
Barbara L. Fielder, Armchair Interviews

Every so often, a book comes along that not only captures your attention, but holds you under its power long after you have turned the final page.  Tall Tales on the Iron Horse, written by Colin P. Davies, is just that sort of book. 
Joyce Anthony,  Books and Authors

With an imagination sparked by that understated and deliberately dry British humor (well, humour, I suppose), Science Fiction writer Colin P Davies has crafted a wonderfully witty collection of fantastical stories titled, Tall Tales on the Iron Horse  
Lyn Perry,
  Bloggin' Outloud

One of the best in the collection is the title piece, “Tall Tales on the Iron Horse.” It is ambiguous and multi-layered enough to make you muse after you’ve finished the last page. “The Hay Devils” is another in the Bradburyesque vein. 
Danielle L Parker,  Bewildering Stories

Actually, despite working within a more familiar genre paradigm, Davies is looking to do the same thing that the various authors of Datlow’s Del Rey anthology – question our assumptions about the boundaries of reality, holding them up to examination from angles that skewer conventional perception.  In that sense, Davies’s tall tales share similar ground with Lanagan’s cruel fairy tales.  And, in their own pulp-inspired way, provide highly entertaining “shock value.”
David Soyka,  Black Gate


Here's a little bit of fun for Marillion fans (and I include myself as one of the horde). 
How many Marillion references can you find in my story Paper Lies which first appeared in A Fistful of Hollers from Cyberaliens Press?  No prizes, but you're allowed to feel smug and bore your friends.


In a surprise move (a surprise to me at least), I have made my first appearance in translation.  The Defenders has been published in the acclaimed Hungarian SF magazine Galaktika (#197)

The story has received a good review in Estonian from Lauri Lukas
Thanks to Lauri for the translation.




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